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Fingerprint sensor often can not be tested through, how to solve?
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Some users fingerprint attendance often can not be tested through, how to solve?

RE: Some of the following may result in some employees are difficult to use or simply not able to use fingerprints for attendance:

   On the fingers of Some fingerprints are rubdown;

   Too many fingers fold, frequent changes;

   Peeling serious in the fingers;

Fingerprint identification of users can not be to remove fingerprints, needed to re-register, or register another one finger.

This fingerprint registered users, the need to use better quality fingerprints(Fold less 、not skin、Clear fingerprints), To make full use of finger contact Fingerprint some of the first large area, after the completion of registration to do something than to test ; More registration and recommended several backup fingers.In addition to, our attendance machine provides a 1:1 ratio on appraisal methods and password function, the setting up of these staff in the use of 1:1 mode password attendance or attendance.

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